NFL 2018 Playoff and Super Bowl Prediction

Now that we’re done with the division previews, let’s take those record predictions and predict the playoffs to find out who will win Super Bowl 53.

AFC Seeding:

#1 New England Patriots (12-4)

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)

#3 Los Angeles Chargers (11-5)

#4 Tennesee Titans (10-6)

#5 Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)

#6 Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)

AFC Wildcard

#6 Seed Bengals at #3 Seed Chargers

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This matchup may be one of the most lopsided ones in the entire playoffs. The Bengals may be a playoff caliber team, but the Chargers are better than them in every aspect. Los Angeles should make quick work of them as they head on to the divisional round.               Prediction: Chargers 27 Bengals 17

#5 Seed Jaguars at #4 Seed Titans

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In an AFC South matchup, the Jags and Titans will meet up in what should be a low scoring affair. The Titans had the Jaguars’ number last season and they still look to be a more complete team than Jacksonville with a better quarterback in Marcus Mariota. It should be very close, but with home field advantage, the Titans should be able to come out victorious. Prediction: Titans 16 Jags 10

AFC Divisional Round

#4 Seed Titans at #1 Seed Patriots

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For the second straight year, the Titans will travel to Foxborough to face the Patriots in the divisional round. This one should be closer than last year’s  35-14 Patriots win, but New England should be able to pull away with a victory with Tom Brady. Expect this one to be close heading into the 4th quarter, and then Brady will throw for a couple touchdowns to secure the win for the Patriots. Prediction: Titans 20 Patriots 31

#3 Seed Chargers at #2 Seed Steelers

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This will be one of the most entertaining matchups in the entire playoffs. The Chargers and Steelers are so evenly matched that it’s a toss-up to who comes out victorious. Due to having the advantage of playing at their home field, the Steelers should be able to pull away late from the Chargers and advance to the AFC Championship Game.                            Prediction: Steelers 27 Chargers 23

AFC Championship Game

#2 Seed Steelers at #1 Seed Patriots

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Suprise! The two best teams in the AFC will match up in the AFC Championship Game as the Steelers will take on the Patriots in a rematch of the 2016 AFC Championship Game, where the Patriots blew them out. This time it should be different. With so many departures in free agency, the Patriots have actual holes on their roster for the first time in a while. One of them is their offensive line after losing left tackle Nate Solder. The Steelers defense had the most sacks last year, so they have the advantage their. New England also has a subpar defense, which isn’t good for them considering the Steelers have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. The Steelers are finally the better team, and will finally defeat the Patriots to move on to the Super Bowl. Brady will make it close, but Ben Roethlisberger will lead a late-game drive and kicker Chris Boswell will hit a game-winning field goal to win it for Pittsburgh. Prediction: Steelers 30 Pats 27

NFC Seeding:

#1 Atlanta Falcons (12-4)

#2 Chicago Bears (11-5)

#3 Los Angeles Rams (11-5)

#4 New York Giants (10-6)

#5 Green Bay Packers (10-6)

#6 Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)

NFC Wild Card Round

#6 Seed Eagles at #3 Seed Rams

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This Eagles-Rams matchup will be one of the best in the entire playoffs, even though it’s in the first round. Assuming quarterback Carson Wentz comes back healthy, he’ll want to get his revenge after he tore his ACL in a matchup against Los Angeles last season. It’s close, but at full health, the Eagles are the slightly better team and proved last season that they are capable of winning in the playoffs. Prediction: Eagles 20 Rams 17

#5 Seed Packers at #4 New York Giants

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You may expect the Packers to walk in and beat the Giants for one reason only, they have Aaron Rodgers. But rethink that. The Giants have the potential to have the league’s best offense in 2018, and that will just be too much for a subpar Packers defense. New York, unlike Green Bay, will be able to control the clock using new running back Saquon Barkley to their advantage and will win and move on to the Divisional Round as a result. Prediction: Giants 38 Packers 20

NFC Divisional Round

#6 Seed Eagles at #1 Seed Falcons

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In a divisional round rematch from last season, the tides will be turned as the Falcons will get the host the Eagles this time around. That will make a huge difference, as with an extra week to prepare, the Falcons should be fresh and will storm early and completely blow out the Eagles and advance to the NFC Championship Game as they are the better team. Prediction: Falcons 31 Eagles 10

#4 Seed Giants at #2 Seed Bears

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In a matchup between two teams who finished last in their respective divisions a year ago, the Bears will host the Giants at Soldier Field. These two teams are evenly matched, but quarterback Eli Manning’s experience will help the Giants get out the gate quickly as Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky gets settled into his first playoff game. Once Trubisky settles in, the Bears may be the better team, but it might be too late once he does settle in. Prediction: Giants 23 Bears 17

NFC Championship Game

#4 Seed Giants at #1 Seed Atlanta Falcons

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The Falcons may be the better team, but one thing will cost them from being the first team to host a Super Bowl. That would be their problems scoring in the Red Zone, which will prove costly against an extremely explosive Giants offense. It should be close, but Atlanta’s inability to put up points on the board due to these deficiencies while the Giants are able to pound it into the end zone will be the deciding factor as the Giants will advance to the Super Bowl. Prediction: Giants 23 Falcons 19

Super Bowl 53

#2 Seed Steelers vs #4 Seed Giants 

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In a matchup that will feature arguably the league’s best offense, the Steelers will pull away due to being the more complete team. The Giants secondary simply can’t contain all the Steelers’ offensive weapons, and the Steelers will blow them out as a result. Prediction: Steelers 34 Giants 17

Super Bowl Champion: Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo Cred: CBS Sports

In my opinion, the Steelers are the most complete team in the NFL with or without Le’Veon Bell. Once Bell ends his holdout, the Steelers will add just another weapon to their offense. For now, they have a very capable running back in James Conner. There should be no issues with Bell once he returns, as the Steelers are an extremely well-run organization and should be trusted to handle things properly. It all comes down to if they can get over the hump and beat New England in the playoffs, and they are finally the better team. The Super Bowl MVP will be Ben Roethlisberger, as he will torment the Giants defense in the Super Bowl, throwing for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns.


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