NFL Conference Championship Game Predictions

It’s a bittersweet moment for NFL fans; this will be the last Sunday with multiple football games, but with that, it’s time for the Conference Championship games! Last season, both of these games went into overtime, and although the spreads are unprecedentedly high for these two games, perhaps that excitement can be replicated this week. Can one of the road teams pull off an upset and prevent the anticipated 49ers-Chiefs Superbowl matchup? Let’s predict the two games taking place this Sunday!

3:05 PM ET: Titans (11-7) at Chiefs (13-4)

Photo Cred: Arrowhead Pride

Spread Pick: KC (-7)

Over/Under Pick: Over (52)

Score Prediction: Titans 24 Chiefs 34

The Titans have been the ultimate underdog this postseason, winning back-to-back road games in New England and Baltimore. Now, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by this, as they went 7-3 in the regular season with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, and have a lot of talent (ranked 5th in the post-Week 17 power rankings). Still, it feels as if their upcoming matchup in Kansas City will be the end of their magical run. Though Tennesee has played well in the postseason, they’ve also been on the right side of turnover luck, and have faced two offenses that aren’t explosive down the field. That’ll change against the most explosive offense in the NFL, as not only do the Chiefs take care of the football well, but as they showed in their previous matchup against the Titans, they’ll be able to expose some of Tennesee’s deficiencies in pass defense, which can’t rush the passer at all. Plus, the Titans also are abysmal versus 12-personnel, which just happens to be the formation Kansas City runs the most. In other words, Tennesee won’t be able to take an early lead and grind out a win, and although he’s been fantastic this season, there is no way I trust Tannehill to keep up with Mahomes in a hostile environment. It wouldn’t be shocking if the Titans covered the spread, or even won this game outright, but the Chiefs are on another level right now, and should finally get head coach Andy Reid to his second Super Bowl.

6:40 PM ET: Packers (14-3) at 49ers (14-3)

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Spread Pick: SF (-7.5)

Over/Under Pick: Over (46)

Score Prediction: Packers 10 49ers 38

When the Packers and 49ers faced off in Week 12, it was supposed to be a premier matchup between two of the NFC’s powerhouses. Well, it turned into an absolute blowout in favor of San Francisco, and this time around, I don’t expect it to be any different. The Packers defense struggles in three areas- pre-snap motion, play-action, and over the middle of the field. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what the 49ers’ offense under Kyle Shanahan utilizes, which explains the outcome of their first meeting. Therefore, I expect San Francisco to have success both passing and running the football, which will put Aaron Rodgers in a bind to match them. Unfortunately for him, he was harassed by the 49ers’ pass rush in Week 12, and overall, this Packers offense has had issues against cover-three teams (49ers, Chargers). As it was in Week 12, this is simply an absolute mismatch, and because of that, San Francisco should roll easily into the Super Bowl.

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