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NFL Week 17 Game-By-Game Previews

The Holidays have come and gone, but there is still plenty of reason for cheer; we’re in the midst of an incredibly exciting end of the NFL season. At the moment, three teams have a legitimate shot at earning the #1 seed in the AFC, both the AFC South and NFC South are completely up for grabs, and 15 teams who haven’t clinched a postseason … Continue reading NFL Week 17 Game-By-Game Previews

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NFL Week 16 Game-By-Game Previews

In football, they call it “any given Sunday” for a reason; you never know when you’re going to witness something you’ve never seen before. In Week 15, we didn’t even have to wait for Sunday for the excitement to start, with the Vikings completing the largest comeback in NFL history on Saturday, followed by a Dolphins-Bills showdown that was certainly worth the price of admission. … Continue reading NFL Week 16 Game-By-Game Previews

NFL Week 15 Game-By-Game Previews

At some point, can we sit back and acknowledge the absurdity that has been the 2022-2023 NFL season? Think about this; in a week where the Broncos were eliminated from the postseason and the Rams needed a comeback by Baker Mayfield to win their fourth game, we’re talking about the Lions, Seahawks, Giants, and Commanders as postseason contenders. Plus, Tom Brady lost by four touchdowns … Continue reading NFL Week 15 Game-By-Game Previews

NFL Week 13 Game-By-Game Previews

December is here, which means one thing- we’re getting to the stretch run of the NFL season! As the weather cools, the postseason races continue to heat up, with five of eight divisions still being hotly contested, and the wildcard standings completely up in the air. Who would’ve thought a Commanders-Giants game in Week 13 would have legitimate playoff implications for both teams? In a … Continue reading NFL Week 13 Game-By-Game Previews