Rockies’ Playoff Hopes Already Look To Be Gone

After winning 91 games and reaching the NLDS last season, expectations were high for the Rockies heading into the season. They’ve responded to those expectations by starting 4-12 to start the season with the league’s worst differential. This has prompted many to wonder: when will the Rockies turn it around? Good teams tend to break out of early-season slumps, like the Yankees, Red Sox, and … Continue reading Rockies’ Playoff Hopes Already Look To Be Gone

Ranking Best MLB Extensions

Over the past couple weeks, there have been a flurry of MLB extensions. Whether players are wary of free agency. or teams are motivated to retain their players, 15 extensions have been signed since March 19th. Let’s analyze all of these extensions by ranking them in order of worst value to best value. #15- March 23rd: Astros Extend SP Justin VerlanderĀ  Contract Details: 2 years, … Continue reading Ranking Best MLB Extensions

MLB Award Predictions

Thursday marked the start of yet another season of baseball With every season, comes new awards winners. Blake Snell and Christian Yelich, put together a surprising, yet strong group of award winners last season. Who will follow in their footsteps in 2019? Let’s discuss. We’ll go by least significant award to the main award. AL Comeback Player of the Year: Miguel Cabrera Due to a … Continue reading MLB Award Predictions

MLB Playoff Predictions

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at each division and have given each team a projected record, it’s time to predict what will unfold in the postseason. AL: #1 Seed- New York Yankees (99-63) #2 Seed- Houston Astros (96-66) #3 Seed- Cleveland Indians (86-76) #4 Seed- Boston Red Sox (89-73) #5 Seed- Tampa Bay Rays (86-76) NL: #1 Seed- Los Angeles Dodgers (98-64) #2 … Continue reading MLB Playoff Predictions

MLB Division Previews and Predictions: NL West

Wrapping up our division previews, it’s time to examine the NL West. Though this division has had a constant “top dog” for six straight years in the Dodgers, they’ve been challenged in recent years by the Diamondbacks, Rockies, and even the Giants. Now, a new challenger has emerged in the Padres, adding yet another twist to the division. Let’s preview the NL West! First Place: … Continue reading MLB Division Previews and Predictions: NL West

Division Previews and Predictions: NL Central

Continuing along with our division previews, it’s time to look at the NL Central. This division is the NL East, but better; all five teams have made moves that teams in “win-now” mode would make. This will be an incredible division, and it will be awesome to watch it unfold. Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, who comes in first? Can the Reds and Pirates make a playoff … Continue reading Division Previews and Predictions: NL Central

Final MLB Offseason Grades

All offseason, our offseason trackers have been updated. It’s time to give each team a grade for their offseason performance. Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks Off Season Tracker & Analysis Grade: 7/10 (C-) Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves Offseason Tracker and Analysis Grade: 8/10 (B-) Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles Offseason Tracker and Analysis Grade: 7.5/10 (C) Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox Offseason Tracker and Analysis Grade: … Continue reading Final MLB Offseason Grades