NFL Study: Quantifying Offensive/Defensive Play-Calling

Something that is great about sports is how much of it can be quantified. We have plenty of metrics to evaluate players, and from there, can have a decent understanding of the value they provide for a team. However, the games aren’t just won the players; they need to be put in a position to succeed. In fact, given the importance of offensive and defensive … Continue reading NFL Study: Quantifying Offensive/Defensive Play-Calling

2020 NFL Week 6 Game-By-Game Model Projections

This is not going to be a normal season, and Week 5 was a great indication as to why. Due to COVID-19 protocols, not only did we have a game on Tuesday night, but the Broncos and Patriots were postponed to this upcoming week. Overall, though, this was a very telling week with a lot of compelling storylines. Week 6 is a critical week when … Continue reading 2020 NFL Week 6 Game-By-Game Model Projections

2020 MLB Free Agent Rankings: How Much Should Each Free Agent Be Paid?

As the postseason winds down, it’s time to turn our attention to offseason. However, should it really be considered an “offseason”? Between the end of the postseason and the start of the next season, there is so much action; it’s honestly my favorite time to be a baseball analyst. This free agency will be far different than anything we’ve ever seen, as several teams will … Continue reading 2020 MLB Free Agent Rankings: How Much Should Each Free Agent Be Paid?

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Who would’ve thought that the season could go by so fast! It’s already Week 12, and it still feels like there are more questions than answers surrounding teams- it’s time for the premier contenders to separate themselves from the rest of a very clustered pack. Luckily for us, we have more intriguing matchups, especially in primetime, which could have major playoff implications. So, who’ll come … Continue reading NFL Week 12 Predictions

Is Christian Yelich Cruising To Another NL MVP?

When the Brewers traded for Christian Yelich, they were expecting to receive a player who’d have an OPS around .850 and a WAR around 4.5. However, the 27-year-old exceed all expectations last season; he posted a 7.6 WAR and 166 weighted runs created plus (wrc+). The general expectation was that Yelich would regress in 2019, which he cubically refuted heading into the season. Well, it … Continue reading Is Christian Yelich Cruising To Another NL MVP?

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

We are now down to four teams in the quest for a Super Bowl title. With a Super Bowl title on the line, these teams will surely give it all they have left in the tank on Sunday. What could possibly be more exciting than that? Let’s predict these two games. Rams (14-3) at Saints (14-3) In the NFC Championship Game, the Saints will host … Continue reading NFL Conference Championship Predictions

NFL Divisional Round Predictions

After an entertaining wildcard round where three of the four games were decided by one score, the divisional round gives us more intriguing matchups. We are down to eight teams in the quest for a Super Bowl championship, and that total will get cut in half after this week. Who will win to keep their championship hopes alive? Let’s predict the divisional round. Colts (11-6) … Continue reading NFL Divisional Round Predictions

NFL Wildcard Round Predictions

It’s finally here! After seventeen exciting weeks of football, the NFL playoffs will start this Saturday. The quest for the Super Bowl starts here, on wildcard weekend. Fans are in for a treat; all four of these games could come down to the wire. After a 15-1 week last week, it would be a surprise if I missed on every game this weekend. That’s how … Continue reading NFL Wildcard Round Predictions

NFL Week 17 Predictions

It’s finally here! With so many playoff spots/seedings on the line, Week 17 is bound to be as entertaining as possible. Let’s go over all the games, and try to predict these important games, while also predicting the meaningless games. Falcons (6-9) at Buccaneers (5-10) In a game where neither team is playing for anything besides pride, the Falcons and Bucs     will matchup … Continue reading NFL Week 17 Predictions

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Week 15 was a rough week for predictions, as I went just 7-9. Let’s try to improve this week with so many important matchups! Redskins (7-7) at Titans (8-6) Saturday We one again have football on Saturday. Therefore, our week of football will start with two teams competing for the playoffs. Both the Redskins and Titans are currently on the outside of the playoff picture … Continue reading NFL Week 16 Predictions