Study: Assessing Positional Value In Baseball

We’ve addressed the value of team offense, defense, and pitching, as well as the value (or lack thereof) of high-end relievers. However, is there a way for us to assess the importance of players at each positions? One of baseball’s most commonly used statistics is Wins Above Replacement (WAR), which assesses the value of players relative to the replacement-level player. Nonetheless, it is unclear if … Continue reading Study: Assessing Positional Value In Baseball

2020 MLB Top Ten: Third Baseman

Last week, we looked at the top ten second basemen; the list contained some high-end players, but right now, the position as a whole lacks depth leaguewide. That’s certainly not an issue at third base, which is undoubtedly the most stacked position in terms of talent. Essentially, if you’re not an All-Star who is producing offensively and defensively, then making this list will be a daunting … Continue reading 2020 MLB Top Ten: Third Baseman

The Deserving MLB All Star Game Starters

Today, we will be finished with phase one of the MLB All-Star voting; the final three finalists will be announced. With the official starters being announced in one week, now would seem to be a great time to take a look at the deserving starters at each position in both the American and National League, using production as the only means of evaluation with popularity … Continue reading The Deserving MLB All Star Game Starters

Ranking Best MLB Extensions

Over the past couple weeks, there have been a flurry of MLB extensions. Whether players are wary of free agency. or teams are motivated to retain their players, 15 extensions have been signed since March 19th. Let’s analyze all of these extensions by ranking them in order of worst value to best value. #15- March 23rd: Astros Extend SP Justin Verlander  Contract Details: 2 years, … Continue reading Ranking Best MLB Extensions