Top Ten Cornerbacks

We’ve finally reached the secondary with our top ten lists; today, we’ll be looking at the top ten cornerbacks in the NFL. Though this position clearly lacks the top-end talent that positions like interior defensive line and linebacker have, the depth at this position is incredible. Players such as Darius Slay, William Jackson, Denzel Ward, Byron Jones, Tre’Davious White, and the highest-paid corner in the … Continue reading Top Ten Cornerbacks

Top Ten Edge Rushers

Yesterday, we looked at the top ten interior defensive linemen, which included dominant players such as Fletcher Cox and Aaron Donald. Today, let’s look at more dominant players who generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks, this time with edge rushers. To be frank, this position is stacked with talent. The list of players who didn’t make it is stronger than some position’s top ten list, which explains … Continue reading Top Ten Edge Rushers

Top Ten Interior Defensive Linemen

After completing our offensive position lists, it’s time to shift over to the defense. We’ll start with the interior defensive line, which is a very fun to position to analyze, since there are a lot of skills needed. As an interior defensive lineman, you need to be able to defend the run, but even more importantly, you have to be able to rush the passer. … Continue reading Top Ten Interior Defensive Linemen

NFL Previews and Predictions: NFC North

Now that we’ve finished the AFC portion of our division previews and predictions, it’s time to take a closer look at the NFC, starting in the NFC North. With three very talented teams in this division (Packers, Bears, Vikings), and one not far off (Lions), this should be one of the most competitive divisions in football. It’ll be a bloodbath the entire way, making every … Continue reading NFL Previews and Predictions: NFC North

What To Watch From Each NFL Team In The Preseason

Football is finally back! Well, sort of; the preseason isn’t exactly an exciting time, as teams tend to rest their starters for the most part. Still, between rookies’ first impressions, position battles, and roster cuts, there is a lot happening during this time. What should you be on the lookout from each NFL team during this time? Let’s discuss, going division by division AFC North … Continue reading What To Watch From Each NFL Team In The Preseason

Top Ten Tight Ends

After going over my controversial top ten wide receivers list, it’s time for to look at a  less talented position: tight end. With Rob Gronkowski retiring, it’s time for a changing of the guard at the position, but the problem is, there aren’t many top-tier tight ends. In fact, on this list, we have a rookie, someone who didn’t play last season due to injury, and multiple … Continue reading Top Ten Tight Ends