NFL Wildcard Round Predictions

We’ve made it! After a very exciting 2019 regular season, it’s a new year, which means it’s time for the postseason. Usually, the wildcard round can often come with matchups between undeserving teams, but this year, we have a very strong slate of teams that didn’t earn a first-round bye; we’ll be entertained by four compelling matchups. So, who’ll advance to the divisional round? Let’s … Continue reading NFL Wildcard Round Predictions

NFL Post-Week 17 Power Rankings

Sunday was a bittersweet moment for football fans; we were treated to a very entertaining week of football with the outlook of the playoffs on the line, but for 20 teams, their seasons ended. We’ve finally made it though, as with the postseason up next, this will be our last edition of these regular season power rankings. So, for one last time in 2019, let’s … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 17 Power Rankings

NFL Week 17 Predictions

We’re finally here! We are entering the final week of the NFL season, and with so many teams’ playoff seeding in question, we’ll be entertained with several critical matchups, ending with a Sunday Night Football matchup with massive implications. Which teams will see their Super Bowl chances increase, and which will see them collapse? Let’s predict every game of Week 17, which is bound to … Continue reading NFL Week 17 Predictions

NFL Post-Week 16 Power Rankings

We’re through another week of football, and man, did we have some shocking outcomes. Starting with the three entertaining games on Saturday, and with some major upsets on Sunday, there was definitely cause for some major movement in these power rankings, especially within the middle tier. So, who’s trending up, and who’s trending down? Let’s rank every NFL team after 16 weeks, assigning them grades … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 16 Power Rankings

NFL Post-Week 15 Power Rankings

Wow! The NFL season really goes by fast; we are already through 15 weeks! Although the matchups didn’t appear to be very enticing on paper, we were treated to several tremendous finishes, including some upsets that have caused some movement near the top of the power rankings- we have a new #1 team this week. So, who’s that team, and how did the other 31 … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 15 Power Rankings

NFL Week 15 Predictions

Week 14 may have been filled with some minor upsets, but luckily for us at, we actually hit on a couple. Can we have similar success this week? Hopefully; although several of the games may seem pretty easy to predict on the surface, they’re actually much tougher than you’d expect, and there are some huge games on slate for this week. So, who’ll come … Continue reading NFL Week 15 Predictions