Who Should Win Each 2020 MLB Award?

We are in the midst of an unprecedented MLB season, but that doesn’t mean that the top players/staff members shouldn’t be recognized with awards! Today, I will be using a model I constructed to take a look at each of the major awards and assigning a deserved winner! This model will lead to different results than standard award races. For starters, it goes based off … Continue reading Who Should Win Each 2020 MLB Award?

MLB 2020 Top Ten: Second Basemen

Though most of the talk in baseball right now is with the major sign-stealing scandal, it’s time to take a segway from those conversations; let’s continue on with our top ten position rankings for 2020. We’ve already looked at the top ten catchers and top ten first basemen, but now, it’s time to examine the top ten second basemen. Unlike in previous seasons, there’s an abundance of … Continue reading MLB 2020 Top Ten: Second Basemen

Ranking Best MLB Extensions

Over the past couple weeks, there have been a flurry of MLB extensions. Whether players are wary of free agency. or teams are motivated to retain their players, 15 extensions have been signed since March 19th. Let’s analyze all of these extensions by ranking them in order of worst value to best value. #15- March 23rd: Astros Extend SP Justin Verlander  Contract Details: 2 years, … Continue reading Ranking Best MLB Extensions