2020 MLB Top Ten: Center Fielders

Last week, we analyzed the┬átop ten left fielders in the MLB, but outside of Juan Soto, there weren’t any true MVP candidates on this list. That won’t be the case in center field- the AL and NL MVPs make up the top spots on this list, while there are plenty of All-Star caliber players making the list. Unlike left field, it’s definitely more of a … Continue reading 2020 MLB Top Ten: Center Fielders

Top Ten Right Fielders

Continuing on with our top ten lists, let’s finish with our last list involving position players. Left field and center field had an enormous amount of talent, but neither compares to right field. The top four players on this list are all MVP candidates, while the next four to five could definitely make the All-Star team this season. It’s a list so talented that players … Continue reading Top Ten Right Fielders