NFL Free Agency Grades

Unlike with the MLB offseason, free agency moved incredibly quick in the NFL. Within the first two days, practically every key free agent had signed; it’s safe to assume that each team’s big spending is behind them. With that, let’s review how each team made out during this period, giving each team a grade for their efforts. We’ll go in alphabetical order by city. Arizona … Continue reading NFL Free Agency Grades

NFL Free Agency Preview: AFC West

Wrapping up the AFC, it’s time to preview free agency for the AFC West. This division has two stacked teams vying for a Super Bowl title (Chiefs, Chargers), a consistently mediocre team (Broncos), and a currently awful team that could make headlines this offseason (Raiders). It’s an interesting dynamic, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Let’s take a look … Continue reading NFL Free Agency Preview: AFC West

Winners and Losers From NFL Week 12

Another week is in the books. Week 12 has some exciting finishes, but most importantly, it separated some contenders from pretenders. That means we have plenty of winners and losers to get to. Winner: Seattle Seahawks (Won 30-27 at CAR) The most shocking outcome this Sunday was the Seahawks rallying in the 4th quarter to win on the road against the Panthers. After all, Carolina … Continue reading Winners and Losers From NFL Week 12

NFL Week 2 Predictions

After a crazy week one, it’s time to predict the outcome of each game in week 2. Ravens (1-0) at Bengals (1-0) TNF Thursday Night Football gives us a great matchup between two AFC North teams currently in first place. The Ravens and Bengals are so evenly matched, that it’s extremely difficult to predict a winner for this game. Joe Flacco has struggled in Cincinnati … Continue reading NFL Week 2 Predictions

Wide Receivers Who Will Have Great Seasons

Wide receivers tend to see their production go up and down through years. Besides Antonio Brown, every receiver needs to have a good situation to succeed. Whether it be a better offensive scheme, better quarterback, or better health, certain changes for the better are what help receivers go from mediocre production to elite production. Let’s look at five receivers who will have better seasons this … Continue reading Wide Receivers Who Will Have Great Seasons

Running Backs Who Will Disappoint This Season

For many reasons, running backs tend to regress harder than any other position. Whether it comes from wearing down, changed offensive scheme, or offensive line changes, there is a lot that can go wrong for them from year to year. Here are five running backs that will disappoint this season. Kenyan Drake, Miami Dolphins After the Dolphins traded lead back Jay Ajayi to the Eagles … Continue reading Running Backs Who Will Disappoint This Season