Post Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Wow! What a great first week of regular season football! Between Kyler Murray’s epic comeback, the incredible final minute of the Texans-Saints game, an excellent Colts-Chargers battle, and several tremendous individual performances, NFL fans were treated to quite the source of entertainment this weekend. Now, it’s time to recap all those games, while also updating our power rankings. Let’s rank all the NFL teams following … Continue reading Post Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

NFL Super Bowl/Playoff Predictions

We are officially one day away from the start of the NFL season; the Packers and Bears will face off in the season opener tomorrow night! It’s officially time for me to make my finalĀ  team predictions. Who will win the Super Bowl? Who will play in the Conference Championship games? Let’s discuss! Note: Due to Andrew Luck’s retirement, the following changes have occured Colts … Continue reading NFL Super Bowl/Playoff Predictions

One Player From Each NFL Team Most Likely To Exceed Expectations

Every year, NFL fans are able to pleasantly surprised by players who outperform their expectations. Take running back Phillip Lindsay, for example, who was an undrafted free agent who ended becoming the Broncos’ lead running back. Or veteran tight end Jared Cook, who had a career year last season for the Raiders in his tenth NFL season. Whether they’re at the beginning or the back-end … Continue reading One Player From Each NFL Team Most Likely To Exceed Expectations

Andrew Luck’s Retirement Changes The Entire Future Landscape of the NFL

A case can be made that the most shocking event in sports history happened yesterday. At just 29-year-old, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has retired. Yes, the same Andrew Luck who was arguably the greatest quarterback prospect of all time coming out of Stanford, led Indianapolis to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons, and survived a brutal shoulder injury in order to win … Continue reading Andrew Luck’s Retirement Changes The Entire Future Landscape of the NFL

Top Ten Edge Rushers

Yesterday, we looked at theĀ top ten interior defensive linemen, which included dominant players such as Fletcher Cox and Aaron Donald. Today, let’s look at more dominant players who generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks, this time with edge rushers. To be frank, this position is stacked with talent. The list of players who didn’t make it is stronger than some position’s top ten list, which explains … Continue reading Top Ten Edge Rushers

NFL Previews and Predictions: AFC North

We are less than a month away from regular season football! With the season upon us, it’s time to get serious, and start closely examing every team’s outlook for the upcoming season. We’ll be going division by division, predicting standings while deep-diving into each team’s roster. The AFC North is a very complex division, as it’s unclear what each team will be this season. Can … Continue reading NFL Previews and Predictions: AFC North