2020 NFL Week 6 Game-By-Game Model Projections

This is not going to be a normal season, and Week 5 was a great indication as to why. Due to COVID-19 protocols, not only did we have a game on Tuesday night, but the Broncos and Patriots were postponed to this upcoming week. Overall, though, this was a very telling week with a lot of compelling storylines. Week 6 is a critical week when … Continue reading 2020 NFL Week 6 Game-By-Game Model Projections

NFL Post-Week 4 Power Rankings

Week 4 is usually a good time to start truly evaluating teams. After all, we’re now a month into the season; we’re learning which teams are true contenders, and which are merely pretenders. Yet, with so many upsets occurring, there is still a lot of uncertainty and movement around the NFL. So, which teams are rising, and which teams are falling? Let’s investigate. #32: Miami … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 4 Power Rankings

NFL Week 4 Predictions

After a very exciting week three, we’re starting to get a good read on the outlook of each NFL team. Still, with so many intriguing matchups on this week’s slate, we’ll learn a lot more this week; this will be a very important week; it’ll serve as the time where we can start truly judging teams and players, rather than overreact to small sample sizes. … Continue reading NFL Week 4 Predictions

NFL Post-Week 3 Power Rankings

Heading into week three, I was convinced that there wouldn’t be much movement in the NFL; there appeared to be several lopsided matchups up ahead. Yet, there’s a reason why they play the games; there were several surprising upsets this week, as many quarterbacks making their first starts of the season played better than expected. As a result, we have a lot to dissect in … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 3 Power Rankings

Post-Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

As usual, week two of the NFL thought us a very valuable lesson: don’t overreact to the first week. Teams that played well in week one, such as the Titans and Vikings, fell flat this week, while teams that were awful in week two, such as the Falcons and Buccaneers, came away with big wins. In addition, we had two major veteran quarterback injuries; there … Continue reading Post-Week 2 NFL Power Rankings