NFL Post-Week 14 Power Rankings

Heading into Week 14, we knew that with so many intriguing matchups slated to take place, that we’d finally start to get some clarity on the outlook of the season. Well, I’m even more confused after this week- some of these games were strange and unexpected, to say the least. It wasn’t that the outcomes in particular, but rather, the way the games played out … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 14 Power Rankings

NFL Week 14 Predictions

Usually, as we head into December football, we have a lot of clarity on the outlook of every team. Yet, with several upsets happening on a weekly basis, it feels as though we still haven’t seen the true contenders separate themselves from pretenders. Will this be the week? Potentially; there a lot of marquee matchups that’ll be extremely entertaining to watch (though difficult to predict). … Continue reading NFL Week 14 Predictions

NFL Post Week-13 Power Rankings

Wow! Week 13, in theory, should’ve been a week with fewer storylines- there were many games that appeared to have a clear winner on paper. However, with several of the league’s bottom-feeders picking up wins, we learned once again why the games are played. So, who’s trending up, and who’s trending down after an upset-filled week? Let’s rank every NFL team after 13 weeks! #32: … Continue reading NFL Post Week-13 Power Rankings

NFL Week 13 Predictions

It’s time for Thanksgiving Football! Not only do we get three games on Thursday, but in my opinion, we have an excellent slate of games this week- almost all of them were nearly impossible to predict! We’ll really learn a lot from teams this week, given that many playoff contenders are playing each other. So, who’ll separate themselves from the pack? Let’s predict every game … Continue reading NFL Week 13 Predictions

NFL Post Week-12 Power Rankings

Although there weren’t many shocking outcomes regarding who won, Week 12 still taught us a lot about teams; there were plenty of surprises regarding the specifics of many teams’ performances. Therefore, there is A LOT of fluctuation within these power rankings, including a new top team, as well as new entrants into the top ten. So, which teams are trending up, and which are trending … Continue reading NFL Post Week-12 Power Rankings

NFL Post-Week 11 Power Rankings

After a chaotic week filled with upsets, we were bound to see a reversion back to normalcy this week, and for the most part, this was a stable week- most of the favorites won. Still, there are some major takeaways from some of the games that occurred this week, especially with the top-tier teams; there is some noticeable movement in these rankings at the very … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 11 Power Rankings

Offseason Tracker and Analysis: St.Louis Cardinals

Considering that they barely had a winning record at the end of the first half, the fact that the Cardinals make it to the NLCS is certainly an accomplishment. It’s been reported that they don’t have much room to spend this offseason, so perhaps this will be a quiet offseason. Still, doing so could compromise their chances in the NL Central- I doubt they don’t … Continue reading Offseason Tracker and Analysis: St.Louis Cardinals