Top Ten Inside Linebackers

Over the past couple days, we’ve looked at two positions to require pass-rushing and run defending abilities: edge rusher and interior defensive line. Today, let’s look at the most complex position on defense: inside linebacker. Linebackers have to excel in coverage, run defense, tackling, and on occasion, pass rush. Meanwhile, they also tend to be the leaders of the defense, and are in charge of … Continue reading Top Ten Inside Linebackers

NFL Free Agency Previews: AFC North

With the legal tampering period starting in just ten days, now seems look like a great team to take a closer look at each team’s priorities heading into free agency. We’ll go by division by division, looking at each team’s biggest needs, a player they must re-sign, along with the one free agent they need to sign. We’re starting off with the AFC North, with … Continue reading NFL Free Agency Previews: AFC North