NFL 2020-2021 Award/Playoff Predictions

Believe it or not, but we’re going to be able to watch NFL games this week! Starting in Kansas City with the Texans and Chiefs, all 32 teams will be competing for one reward- a Super Bowl championship. Obviously, there are certain teams that won’t even come close to winning the Super Bowl, but there’s still so much intrigue with those teams as well- how … Continue reading NFL 2020-2021 Award/Playoff Predictions

Ranking The Top 68 Running Backs From A Mathematical Perspective

After letting the numbers decide who the top 48 quarterbacks in the NFL were, let’s take a similar approach with running backs- we’ll look at the top 68 running backs in the NFL. We’ve already harped in the past that this is easily the least important position, but it’s still fun to rank them by taking them outside of their scheme and surrounding cast. To … Continue reading Ranking The Top 68 Running Backs From A Mathematical Perspective

NFL Draft Grades/Analysis: AFC

Even though it couldn’t take place in Las Vegas and had to be done remotely, it’s safe to say that the 2020 NFL Draft went smoothly. However, that doesn’t mean each team performed at the same level. Obviously, every team feels great about their draft class, and it’s true that we can’t be certain about how these prospects pan out. Yet, there’s no reason to … Continue reading NFL Draft Grades/Analysis: AFC

2020 NFL Draft Position-By-Position Breakdown

Between our rankings of prospects per position, our positional adjusted big board, a sample “what I would do” mock draft, and our team-by-team previews, we’ve certainly gone over what each team should do in the NFL draft. However, it’s now time for us to focus on the specific prospects. Today, we’ll go position-by-position, picking a prospect for each of the following classifications: best player, most … Continue reading 2020 NFL Draft Position-By-Position Breakdown

2020 NFL Draft: Top Ten Running Backs

Recently, we analyzed the┬átop ten quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL draft. Now, it’s time to look at a flashier, but far less valuable position- running back. Considering that their production requires elite athleticism and usually a strong offensive line, running backs tend to only be at their peak throughout their rookie contract, but considering how cheap said contract is, teams target the position heavily in … Continue reading 2020 NFL Draft: Top Ten Running Backs