Ranking Best MLB Extensions

Over the past couple weeks, there have been a flurry of MLB extensions. Whether players are wary of free agency. or teams are motivated to retain their players, 15 extensions have been signed since March 19th. Let’s analyze all of these extensions by ranking them in order of worst value to best value. #15- March 23rd: Astros Extend SP Justin VerlanderĀ  Contract Details: 2 years, … Continue reading Ranking Best MLB Extensions

MLB Playoff Predictions

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at each division and have given each team a projected record, it’s time to predict what will unfold in the postseason. AL: #1 Seed- New York Yankees (99-63) #2 Seed- Houston Astros (96-66) #3 Seed- Cleveland Indians (86-76) #4 Seed- Boston Red Sox (89-73) #5 Seed- Tampa Bay Rays (86-76) NL: #1 Seed- Los Angeles Dodgers (98-64) #2 … Continue reading MLB Playoff Predictions

Division Previews and Predictions: NL Central

Continuing along with our division previews, it’s time to look at the NL Central. This division is the NL East, but better; all five teams have made moves that teams in “win-now” mode would make. This will be an incredible division, and it will be awesome to watch it unfold. Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, who comes in first? Can the Reds and Pirates make a playoff … Continue reading Division Previews and Predictions: NL Central

Chicago Cubs Offseason Tracker and Analysis

The Cubs seemed to be a lock to be the number one seed, but a last season collapse led to them losing the wildcard game. With such little financial flexibility, Chicago is going to have to be creative, but they still have holes to address in the bullpen and on offense. Current State: World Series Contender Cubs Sign IF Daniel Descalso The Cubs have signed … Continue reading Chicago Cubs Offseason Tracker and Analysis

Each MLB Contender’s Biggest X Factor

The great thing about baseball is that unlike basketball, the best players aren’t always the ones that have the biggest moments in the postseason. Whereas LeBron James always will take the last shot, Mike Trout and Mookie Betts may not have the opportunity to get the clutch hit to win it. Let’s take a look at one overlooked player on each contender (5 games back … Continue reading Each MLB Contender’s Biggest X Factor

Recapping Every MLB Trade Made On Trade Deadline Day

It’s July 31st, which mean it’s Trade Deadline day! Let’s take a closer look at every trade that happened on this trade frenzy day. Red Sox acquire 2B Ian Kinsler The Red Sox have acquired 2B Ian Kinsler from the Angels in exchange for pitching prospect Ty Buttrey and Williams Jerez. Kinsler, 36, is only hitting .239/.304/.406 with 13 home runs this season. However, he’s … Continue reading Recapping Every MLB Trade Made On Trade Deadline Day