Top Ten Tight Ends

After going over my controversial top ten wide receivers list, it’s time for to look at a  less talented position: tight end. With Rob Gronkowski retiring, it’s time for a changing of the guard at the position, but the problem is, there aren’t many top-tier tight ends. In fact, on this list, we have a rookie, someone who didn’t play last season due to injury, and multiple … Continue reading Top Ten Tight Ends

NFL Draft Review/Grade: NFC East

Continuing on with our draft reviews, it’s time to analyze the drafts of each team in the NFC East. This was definitely one of the most polarizing divisions regarding the draft. Two teams (Giants and Eagles) traded up in the first round, two teams (Giants and Redskins) selected quarterbacks, and one team (Cowboys) didn’t even have a first-round pick. Who improved their team significantly? Who … Continue reading NFL Draft Review/Grade: NFC East

Winners and Losers From Day One of The NFL Draft

As usual, day one this year’s NFL Draft had many twists to it, and practically destroyed every mock draft. Some players fell right into teams’ laps, making them winners of round one. However, on the flip side, those players are only available if a team before them reaches for a player; those teams are the losers of the draft. Who are these winners and losers? … Continue reading Winners and Losers From Day One of The NFL Draft

NFL Free Agency Grades

Unlike with the MLB offseason, free agency moved incredibly quick in the NFL. Within the first two days, practically every key free agent had signed; it’s safe to assume that each team’s big spending is behind them. With that, let’s review how each team made out during this period, giving each team a grade for their efforts. We’ll go in alphabetical order by city. Arizona … Continue reading NFL Free Agency Grades

NFL Free Agency Preview: NFC East

Continuing on with the NFC, it’s time to preview free agency for the NFC East. This division contains two top teams (Eagles and Cowboys), but also has two interesting teams that could possibly aim to contend in the upcoming season, or choose to tear it down (Giants and Redskins). Let’s take a close look at each team in this division, looking at their top needs … Continue reading NFL Free Agency Preview: NFC East