2020 MLB Top Five Designated Hitters

Technically, we’ve finished our top-ten rankings at each MLB position, but still, there is one position that has yet to be addressed- designated hitter. Obviously, there’s no need top do a full top-ten designated hitter list, since there are only 15 in total. Yet, since there are still talented hitters at the position that deserve recognition, let’s take a look at the top five designated … Continue reading 2020 MLB Top Five Designated Hitters

Analyzing MLB Trade Deadline Rumors

We are just two weeks away from the MLB trade deadline, which means there are plenty of rumors regarding which players could be moved and to where. From these rumors, we look to be heading towards are very entertaining couple weeks of huge trades, with plenty of marquee players, particularly pitchers, possibly on the move. Without further adieu, let’s analyze it, grading it on the … Continue reading Analyzing MLB Trade Deadline Rumors

MLB Trade Deadline Preview/Rankings

Now that we are in the middle of June, we are almost a month away from the universal trade deadline; there is only one trade deadline this season. Therefore, there should be a lot of action soon, as teams try to position themselves for playoff and World Series pushes by prying away key assets for non-contenders, who are looking to bolster their farm system. So, … Continue reading MLB Trade Deadline Preview/Rankings