Top Ten Relief Pitchers

After going over the always controversial top ten list for starting pitchers, it’s time to do the same for relief pitchers. This is an interesting list, with a lot of different prototypes include. In here, we have our traditional closers and set-up men, but we also have pitchers who are pitching multiple innings out of the bullpen. That makes it hard to compare one another, … Continue reading Top Ten Relief Pitchers

MLB August Trades That Should Happen

Even though the Trade Deadline is over, teams can still trade with one another. That’s because there is a second traded deadline that happens on August 31st, known as the Waiver Trade Deadline. They need to either pass trade waivers while the team works on trading them to any team, or they can be claimed on trade waivers and then have to be traded to … Continue reading MLB August Trades That Should Happen