MLB Trade Deadline Preview/Rankings

Now that we are in the middle of June, we are almost a month away from the universal trade deadline; there is only one trade deadline this season. Therefore, there should be a lot of action soon, as teams try to position themselves for playoff and World Series pushes by prying away key assets for non-contenders, who are looking to bolster their farm system. So, … Continue reading MLB Trade Deadline Preview/Rankings

Texas Rangers Offseason Tracker and Analysis

The Rangers’ window of contention has closed, but the team is in for an interesting offseason. With so many young players on the team, the Rangers need to make a decision. Are these players part of the future or should they be traded away for a package of prospects? Current State: Rebuilding Rangers Acquire LHP Drew Smyly and a Player To Be Named Later in … Continue reading Texas Rangers Offseason Tracker and Analysis

Each MLB Contender’s Biggest X Factor

The great thing about baseball is that unlike basketball, the best players aren’t always the ones that have the biggest moments in the postseason. Whereas LeBron James always will take the last shot, Mike Trout and Mookie Betts may not have the opportunity to get the clutch hit to win it. Let’s take a look at one overlooked player on each contender (5 games back … Continue reading Each MLB Contender’s Biggest X Factor