NFL 2020-2021 Award/Playoff Predictions

Believe it or not, but we’re going to be able to watch NFL games this week! Starting in Kansas City with the Texans and Chiefs, all 32 teams will be competing for one reward- a Super Bowl championship. Obviously, there are certain teams that won’t even come close to winning the Super Bowl, but there’s still so much intrigue with those teams as well- how … Continue reading NFL 2020-2021 Award/Playoff Predictions

NFL Head Coaching Hires Analysis/Reaction

While the 49ers and Chiefs are getting prepared to play in the Super Bowl in two weeks, the other 30 NFL teams are forced to look ahead to next season. For five teams (Redskins, Cowboys, Panthers, Giants, and Browns), that meant finding a new head coach, as each didn’t have the success this season that they hoped to have. Hiring a head coach is a … Continue reading NFL Head Coaching Hires Analysis/Reaction