NFL Post-Week 11 Power Rankings

After a chaotic week filled with upsets, we were bound to see a reversion back to normalcy this week, and for the most part, this was a stable week- most of the favorites won. Still, there are some major takeaways from some of the games that occurred this week, especially with the top-tier teams; there is some noticeable movement in these rankings at the very … Continue reading NFL Post-Week 11 Power Rankings

NFL Post Week-10 Power Rankings

This has officially been one of the weirdest NFL seasons I’ve ever witnessed. The amount of upsets that have happened this season is incomparable to any previous season, and the crazy part is, we’re only roughly halfway through the season!  So, what have the upsets, and other game results, down to our weekly power rankings? Let’s rank every team in the NFL! #32: Miami Dolphins … Continue reading NFL Post Week-10 Power Rankings

NFL Week 10 Predictions

Last week was another difficult week for predictions at MVP Sports Talk, due to several upsets, as well as some botched upset calls. Now, it’s time to rebound in Week 10, which features several intriguing matchups. Yet, although these games will be entertaining, they’re also very difficult to predict; we’ll have to be on our “A” game this week. So, who’ll come out on top and improve … Continue reading NFL Week 10 Predictions

Post-Week 9 Power Rankings

It happened again! Not only did every home team in the United States (Texans in London don’t count) win on Sunday, but many of them were surprising upsets. As a result, we have a lot of movement in these power rankings, especially near the top. So, who’s trending up, and who’s trending down? Let’s rank every team in the NFL, recapping their performance with an … Continue reading Post-Week 9 Power Rankings

NFL Week 9 Predictions

We’ve had a couple standard weeks without many upsets, as the premier contenders have separated themselves from the rest. Still, without a lot of tight matchups this week, we’re bound for chaos, and although it’s tough to predict, the entertainment it produces more than compensates for that. So, who will win those aforementioned matchups? Let’s predict the entire slate of games for Week 9! TNF: … Continue reading NFL Week 9 Predictions