NFL Previews and Predictions: AFC North

We are less than a month away from regular season football! With the season upon us, it’s time to get serious, and start closely examing every team’s outlook for the upcoming season. We’ll be going division by division, predicting standings while deep-diving into each team’s roster. The AFC North is a very complex division, as it’s unclear what each team will be this season. Can … Continue reading NFL Previews and Predictions: AFC North

What To Watch From Each NFL Team In The Preseason

Football is finally back! Well, sort of; the preseason isn’t exactly an exciting time, as teams tend to rest their starters for the most part. Still, between rookies’ first impressions, position battles, and roster cuts, there is a lot happening during this time. What should you be on the lookout from each NFL team during this time? Let’s discuss, going division by division AFC North … Continue reading What To Watch From Each NFL Team In The Preseason

Top Ten Offensive Lines

It may not be flashy or sexy, but more than anything, the outcome of a football game often comes down to five 300 pound men on the offensive trenches. If an offensive line cannot protect their quarterback or open up running lanes, it’s nearly impossible for an offense to function properly. Therefore, having a strong offensive line may be, outside of having a reliable quarterback, … Continue reading Top Ten Offensive Lines

Top Ten Tight Ends

After going over my controversial top ten wide receivers list, it’s time for to look at a  less talented position: tight end. With Rob Gronkowski retiring, it’s time for a changing of the guard at the position, but the problem is, there aren’t many top-tier tight ends. In fact, on this list, we have a rookie, someone who didn’t play last season due to injury, and multiple … Continue reading Top Ten Tight Ends

NFL Draft Review/Grades: AFC North

With the draft finished, it’s time to analyze each team’s selections! Let’s start in the AFC North, where although one team didn’t have a first-round pick (Browns), all added high profile players to boost their playoff chances. Who had the best draft in this division, and who will make the biggest impact? Let’s take a closer look. Baltimore Ravens Full Draft (With Grade) Round 1, … Continue reading NFL Draft Review/Grades: AFC North

NFL Free Agency Grades

Unlike with the MLB offseason, free agency moved incredibly quick in the NFL. Within the first two days, practically every key free agent had signed; it’s safe to assume that each team’s big spending is behind them. With that, let’s review how each team made out during this period, giving each team a grade for their efforts. We’ll go in alphabetical order by city. Arizona … Continue reading NFL Free Agency Grades