2020 MLB Free Agent Rankings: How Much Should Each Free Agent Be Paid?

As the postseason winds down, it’s time to turn our attention to offseason. However, should it really be considered an “offseason”? Between the end of the postseason and the start of the next season, there is so much action; it’s honestly my favorite time to be a baseball analyst. This free agency will be far different than anything we’ve ever seen, as several teams will … Continue reading 2020 MLB Free Agent Rankings: How Much Should Each Free Agent Be Paid?

MLB Trade Deadline Preview/Rankings

Now that we are in the middle of June, we are almost a month away from the universal trade deadline; there is only one trade deadline this season. Therefore, there should be a lot of action soon, as teams try to position themselves for playoff and World Series pushes by prying away key assets for non-contenders, who are looking to bolster their farm system. So, … Continue reading MLB Trade Deadline Preview/Rankings

Top Ten Relief Pitchers

After going over the always controversial top ten list for starting pitchers, it’s time to do the same for relief pitchers. This is an interesting list, with a lot of different prototypes include. In here, we have our traditional closers and set-up men, but we also have pitchers who are pitching multiple innings out of the bullpen. That makes it hard to compare one another, … Continue reading Top Ten Relief Pitchers