Top Ten Tight Ends

After going over my controversial top ten wide receivers list, it’s time for to look at a  less talented position: tight end. With Rob Gronkowski retiring, it’s time for a changing of the guard at the position, but the problem is, there aren’t many top-tier tight ends. In fact, on this list, we have a rookie, someone who didn’t play last season due to injury, and multiple … Continue reading Top Ten Tight Ends

NFL Draft Review/Grade: NFC North

Now that we’ve examined the drafts of every team in the AFC, it’s time to do the same in the NFC, starting with the NFC North. Since this division features three teams in win now mode (Bears, Packers, Vikings) and a team that should be extremely competitive (Lions), the draft could be the difference maker on how this division shapes up. Which team put themselves … Continue reading NFL Draft Review/Grade: NFC North

Ranking The Best Player At Each Position In The 2019 NFL Draft

With just four days to go until the NFL draft, teams likely have already made note of their main targets. Therefore, the rest of the week is sure to have a lot of rumors, that could be valid, but are most likely smokescreens so teams are in better positions to land their coveted prospects. In our mock draft, we discussed who those prospects will likely … Continue reading Ranking The Best Player At Each Position In The 2019 NFL Draft