Who Should Win Each 2020 MLB Award?

We are in the midst of an unprecedented MLB season, but that doesn’t mean that the top players/staff members shouldn’t be recognized with awards! Today, I will be using a model I constructed to take a look at each of the major awards and assigning a deserved winner! This model will lead to different results than standard award races. For starters, it goes based off … Continue reading Who Should Win Each 2020 MLB Award?

2020 MLB Top Ten: Shortstops

Last week, we looked ahead at who the top ten┬áthird basemen would be next season, which is very tough, as there wasn’t enough room for former MVPs or All-Stars. Today, we’ll stick with the left side of the infield by looking at the top ten shortstops. Similarly to third base, this list has plenty of high-end players, and as a result, the players not on … Continue reading 2020 MLB Top Ten: Shortstops

Top Ten Shortstops

Shortstop, the glamour position in baseball. This tends to be one of the positions that has the most amount of star power, and that’s still the case today. The identity of this position has shifted however; this is now as much of an offensive position as it was a defensive position. Specifically with the top five, this list is filled with two-way superstars, all of … Continue reading Top Ten Shortstops