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2022 NFL Week 3 Game-By-Game Previews

Oh, you thought Week 1 was the golden standard in terms of entertainment? Well, boy, do I have news for you! In Week 2, we saw multiple 20-point come backs, an exceptional Chargers-Chiefs primetime affair, the Bucs/Saints drama reach a new level, and much more; heck, the Falcons almost came back from a 28-3 lead! It doesn’t get much better than what the football season … Continue reading 2022 NFL Week 3 Game-By-Game Previews

2020 NFL Week 3 Game-By-Game Model Projections

There may not have been a lot of underdog wins in Week 2, but still, there were plenty of intriguing storylines to grasp. Now, we will shift our attention to Week 3. We’re still mostly going off of prior information, since we don’t know how “good” a team is until about six weeks into the season, per Pro Football Focus; it’s not a good idea … Continue reading 2020 NFL Week 3 Game-By-Game Model Projections

NFL Week 3 Predictions

It’s safe to say that week two left a lasting impression on this NFL season. With quarterbacks Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger injured, the Saints and Steelers are no longer Super Bowl contenders and are closer to being push-overs than feared teams. Meanwhile, with the extra knowledge developed on each team’s outlook, we’re starting to grasp who the true contenders are. Week three is often … Continue reading NFL Week 3 Predictions

Winners and Losers From NFL Week 3

In what was an absolutely hectic week, let’s go over the winners and losers from NFL Week 3. Winner: Philadelphia Eagles (Won 20-16 vs IND) From the final score, it may seem like the Eagles’ win over the Colts at home was by too close of a margin. However, the reality is that the Eagles are without several of their key players, including running back … Continue reading Winners and Losers From NFL Week 3