MLB Award Index Update: June 24th

Welcome to the next update of the MLB Award Index! Every two weeks, we will be taking a close look at what the index forecasts in terms of MVP and Cy Young voting, looking to find favorable odds on the betting markets, as well as create more accurate projections. For more information on the basis of the index, and how it goes about projecting future … Continue reading MLB Award Index Update: June 24th

Introducing The Award Index: A Simple Way To Forecast MLB MVP/Cy Young Voting

Sports are ultimately a team game, and that is incredibly apparent in baseball. As we’ve seen, no one player can single-handedly lead their team to a championship title; after all, Mike Trout has made the playoff just one time in his career! For this reason, most of the attention when it comes to predictions and projections surrounds around the teams. Who will win each division? … Continue reading Introducing The Award Index: A Simple Way To Forecast MLB MVP/Cy Young Voting

2020 MLB Top Ten: Shortstops

Last week, we looked ahead at who the top tenĀ third basemen would be next season, which is very tough, as there wasn’t enough room for former MVPs or All-Stars. Today, we’ll stick with the left side of the infield by looking at the top ten shortstops. Similarly to third base, this list has plenty of high-end players, and as a result, the players not on … Continue reading 2020 MLB Top Ten: Shortstops

Red Sox Save Themselves With Remarkable Hiring of Chaim Bloom

Currently, in the MLB, there have been two main lines of focus: the World Series and manager hirings. Yet, it was a move that didn’t get much attention that could end up having monstrous effects in the future. On Friday, the Red Sox found their leader of the baseball operations department: they hired former Rays senior vice president Chaim Bloom to be their “Chief Baseball … Continue reading Red Sox Save Themselves With Remarkable Hiring of Chaim Bloom

The Deserving MLB All Star Game Starters

Today, we will be finished with phase one of the MLB All-Star voting; the final three finalists will be announced. With the official starters being announced in one week, now would seem to be a great time to take a look at the deserving starters at each position in both the American and National League, using production as the only means of evaluation with popularity … Continue reading The Deserving MLB All Star Game Starters

Ranking Best MLB Extensions

Over the past couple weeks, there have been a flurry of MLB extensions. Whether players are wary of free agency. or teams are motivated to retain their players, 15 extensions have been signed since March 19th. Let’s analyze all of these extensions by ranking them in order of worst value to best value. #15- March 23rd: Astros Extend SP Justin VerlanderĀ  Contract Details: 2 years, … Continue reading Ranking Best MLB Extensions

Top Ten Shortstops

Shortstop, the glamour position in baseball. This tends to be one of the positions that has the most amount of star power, and that’s still the case today. The identity of this position has shifted however; this is now as much of an offensive position as it was a defensive position. Specifically with the top five, this list is filled with two-way superstars, all of … Continue reading Top Ten Shortstops